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Web Services Setup In Drupal 8

It’s The Web Services that makes the Drupal so simple and user friendly. But We all know that drupal 8 is been out and everybody is excited about it specially regrading the web services.

It’s Basically the Web services which makes the web applications interactions over the web possible like reading, creating, updating, and deleting of resources.. There Are Several Types of Web services, including:

  • SOAP:
  • XML-RPC:
  • REST:

Drupal sites generally uses REST web Standards but also provides an integrate third-party web services.

Overview of REST

REST is most likely the Best ways of making Web Services work. There are other formats also like SOAP or XML-RPC, but here we’ll only going to focus on REST because it’s Drupal standard.

We all Know REST uses basic HTTP requests techniques to obtain and update any data like

GET: Requests to obtain data.

  • POST: Requests to update or create data.
  • PUT: Requests to update or create data (limited support, currently unused by entity resources).
  • PATCH: Requests to update a subset of data, such as one field.
  • DELETE: Requests to delete data.


Step 1 – First Step is to Enable enable Restful Web Services and Serialization Module under webservices.

Enabling Modules

Step 2 – Now 2nd Step is To Grant the permissions which will allow users of your API to send  GET  To read a resource,POST to create a resource , PATCH to update , and to delete any thing we use delete DELETE. 

Configuring Permissions

 Step 3 – Final step is to create a view for Application Programming Interface.

For that

  • First You need to Create a view with REST Export display
  • Then select the particular Format as Serializer and after that in the setting just check the JSON or XML option box or both depending on what you need.
  • Now Configure the filter criteria as per your need.
  • Now select the path I’ve selected my path as ‘all-content’
  • By default this view exposes the whole entity data but if you want more control you can select the fields that you want to show. For e.g you can show just the title of all nodes and nothing else

Setting Up View

That’s it we are done. Now all you need to do is to point the browser to and see the json (JavaScript Object Notation). Now you can use REST API.


Here I am using DHC REST API for chrome or you can use Dev HTTP Client  to make GET request . Here is a simple get request for example,

Final Result


We can also do POST requests using the same method. All you need to do is to update the permissons for POST in RESTful Web Services section and that’s it. This is the final result you’ll get

Drupal 8 Post Request

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Reasons why every web designer needs to learn Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Developers.png

Ruby on Rails or RoR is a powerful full-stack open-source web development framework that comes packed with a number of features and functionalities. According to TIOBE, a programming community indexing company which measures the popularity of programming languages, Ruby jumped to 11th position this year which is its highest rank since 2001. Websites like Flipkart, Basecamp, GitHub, Airbnb, all use this framework to get their applications up and running quickly. According to an estimate, over 1.2 million websites are running on Ruby on Rails. Touted as a developer friendly framework, Ruby on Rails can help you create websites in much lesser time and allows for higher productivity and efficiency. With these many benefits, if you are still looking for reasons to adopt Ruby on Rails, check out some reasons why every web designer need to learn Ruby on Rails.

Rails has well-versed documentation

Ruby on Rails has well-versed documentation in comparison to other web frameworks. Although it may be difficult to get many books on Ruby on Rails, with it being a relatively new programming language, a large number of video tutorials, documentations, and blogs are available online for free to help you quickly learn Ruby on Rails. A number of surveys have highlighted the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails among small businesses and start-ups. As an open source web framework, Rails helps enterprises to create web applications without paying any fees or royalty. So the beginners can always enhance their career prospects by learning a popular web framework like RoR.

RoR provides more output

Since it is an open source web framework it makes it easier for independent web developers to impress clients by lowering the project overheads. Even though, Ruby on Rails is open-source, it still includes many new features that are provided by other popular web frameworks despite being free.

RoR is supported by a big community

RoR is used by several high-traffic websites because it is supported by a large and thriving community spread across the world. The learners can always stay connected with the active community to fix development issues without any delay because the members of the community share code snippets and tools to simplify Rails App development. A number of freelancers are using RoR for developing web applications mainly because of this large community. In addition to being popular among small businesses, RoR is also being used by several big companies. It shows the effectiveness of the web framework and it can be assessed from the fact that it is currently being used by some of the large and high-traffic websites like Scribd, Groupon, Github, Shopify, Basecamp, Airbnb, Square, Yammer, Hulu, Slideshare, Soundcloud and Zendesk.

Be a full-stack developer

Rails is designed as a full-stack web framework. So developers can use it for building both frontend and backend of the web application. Each developer can further use Rails to build an entire web application without availing the assistance of other professionals. Also, he can learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Ruby while using the web framework and can become a professional ruby on rails developer.

Rails supports code-based data model

After a long time of working on one platform, people do lose interest in the same repetitive tasks. RoR gives you immense opportunity to do things different ways. Rails allows programmers to build data models by writing code. The developers can further modify and manipulate the existing data models through custom scripts. Thus, it becomes easier for them to deploy the web application on multiple web servers or boost user experience by targeting various databases.

Expand your skillsets if you know PHP

Rails and PHP are very similar and so learning Rails with a little bit of knowledge of PHP is easy. The transition from PHP to Ruby on Rails may even be called as seamless.
Coders need to learn different framework coding for making improvement in applications. If we want to keep improving ourselves, learning RoR coding along with mobile software development will help us become better.

The obstacles start-ups face in the way of Mobile App Development


Mobile app development has turned into the most vital activity, which has a direct impact not only on the setting up of the start-ups but also on their advertising and branding. Obviously, no one needs a stale and tedious application which is indistinguishable from the other apps in the market. In this article, we’ve presented the journey of challenges, a Mobile application engineer experiences.

Here are some of the biggest hurdles faced by start-ups in the way of Mobile development:

1. Application Discovery

The key motivation behind building an app is to make life simple, profitable and pleasant. Keeping this in mind, making an application which gets noticed can be an overwhelming task. There are more many great applications than there are effective ones, which is on account of huge numbers of the great ones not getting any attention. Application discovery has a lot to do with who your clients are and what kind of administration they are expecting, their budget and numerous other elements. Therefore, it is advised to be wary about picking your mobile developer.

2. Development methodology

The world is not small and so isn’t the scope for Mobile app development. There can be multiple approaches for mobile development for example: Half-and-half Versatile Application Development (blend of native application and web application), Cross platform native (application can be compatible with two or more platforms like iOS, Android and even JavaScript, HTML5 and so forth), Platform specific native application (made especially for one platform).

Choosing the development approach also helps you choose the framework and design mock-ups, UI and UX and numerous other basic elements that Mobile application is made of. So client cooperation is a cumulative concern with picking right improvement approach.

3. Risk Required

When you have chosen the development methodology, to develop your application, it requires sufficient amounts of cash (even for the sourcing the developers in case you don’t have your own development base). There is unknown time risk as after completion of Development, to bring another range of modules and for Iteration, sufficient amounts of cash can be required.

4. Device Compatibility

We are surrounded by abundance of cutting-edge Mobile brands. You can be lured into opting for different options for their respective advantages i.e. screen determination, OS prerequisites, RAM and different elements and whether your application is compatible to a cell phone or particular tablet or phablet. The primary issue is the choice of the OS (either Android or iOS). For various OS you need to go for various SDK (programming improvement pack), UI and UX, frameworks, Mock-ups and distinctive cycle forms. Your application ought to keep running on the most recent accessible versions of the specific OS and in addition, on a more established form of comparative OS. The observational arrangement is to build up an application for each diverse platform accessible in the event that you have enough speculation. My own sentiment on account of decision of the OS goes for iOS, however both OS have their up and down sides to them.

5. Execution versus Performance

Parameters, for example, an application outline, UI, client collaboration are imperative, however the fundamental variables you ought not to overlook are the Performance and battery utilization. On the off chance that you can build up a decent performing application without bug, which keeps running on the least possible power, this test can be overcome. The developers should be specific about their choice of the development tools such as SDK and they should be precise about the decision of the device as well.

6. Competition

When you built up an application, you have to launch it in the app market, where as I said before, the enormous number of applications are launched each day. As a start-up, the greatest test is to set its application apart from the app-store-noise right at the time of building the application. Indeed, even mainstream and alternative applications developers are battling hard to make their mark in the market.

7. ASO

ASO stands for App Store Optimization and it is a procedure of streamlining Mobile applications to rank higher in the output. Just the way SEO is for sites, ASO works for Mobile applications. The better your ASO, the more probable your application is to achieve a high number of downloads. This is in fact, a most demanding task that has remained ignored for long. It additionally incorporates a basic part of ‘Application store rating’ and ‘Application store positioning’.

8. App Marketing & Promotions

To wrap things up, as a start-up, you ought to have specific information about marketing and practical methods for promoting your application through the online channel. It includes PR and media planning, social and viral promotions to eventually make your application globally visible, which means the development of an application that empowers simple control over a focused group of people, natives, and languages. You can make an application available in an unusual yet appealing way that pulls in the buyers. There are a few challenges that you will confront: a market flooded with the same service providers as you, research for developing an application and others.

As a start-up, building up a Mobile application can be tiring yet incredible at the same time. Before you prepare for Development it will be an awesome precautionary measure to investigate the market, and choose the components that influence the most in that specific time period. Look for applications that are like yours, study them well as to whether they succeeded or fizzled. A mix of strategizing your app development and deployment along with its well-planned advertising and promotion while on-boarding an extraordinary development and marketing team can lead you to the roadway of mobile application success.

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5 Essential Elements of Modern Website Design


Modern Website design is a relative expression. The thing we see most is that modern website design doesn’t require or advantage from a huge amount of fancy odds and ends. The more straightforward and clean the better the client experience is. Here are the five key components of modern website design.

1. Limit Colour Use

This may sound simple, however shading plans and shading decisions are imperative with regards to modern web design. The number of colors you incorporate in your modern design is an important aspect. Excessively numerous colors turn out to be outwardly diverting, so most modern website designs decide on just 2, or at the most 3 in their real plan components. You won’t discover a rainbow of colors, only one foundation shading (white or dark) and one noteworthy accent shading (silver, yellow and blue, individually). Streamlining the shading plan of your Site makes it less demanding to decide and this is the reason there are just negligible shading mixes in the present-day Website designs.

2. A lot of White Space

Google is straightforward yet powerful. This obliges the last current website Design component, however something many refer to as “white space,” is also very attractive. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be white, rather, white space is a term utilized for the measure of “unfilled” space – i.e. margin between your content and the edge of your screen, and buffers between the elements on your page. Things ought to have space to move around, if your Website is crowded, it is difficult to direct the attention of your website visitor’s eye.

3. Clean Backend Coding

This modern website design element is one that you won’t notice visually, but rather one that is likely the most imperative with regards to the functionality of your Site. Behind each Website there is a lot of coding in the backend that will direct how your website performs.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are modern website design elements that can greatly improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site. A lot of these are invisible to the naked eye and also appear in the backend coding of your pages and posts. There are design tricks like meta tags, title tags, heading tags and other HTML code that can go a long way in helping your site climb the ranks of Google’s search engine.

5. Transformation Elements: Calls-To-Action

As we discussed before, transforming the website visitors into leads and customers is equally vital to the modern website design – and here’s the reason: Websites are intended to connect you with the people who are interested in your content and offerings. In order to make such association with your website visitors, you need to develop bonding with these visitors through your website & marketing content.

Things like email subscription form, free downloadable e-books or whitepapers, free product forms, free consultation or different invites are incredible suggestions to take action. These should be incorporated into your modern website design and are imperative for social event the contact information of your visitor so you can proceed with discussions with them as leads and change over them into customers.

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